Shut the Front Door…We’re Moving

Now for all of you who follow us on Instagram or Facebook or have read our in the beginning post know that we are leaving our conventional urban home and moving into our first house in the country. We couldn’t be more excited about this! We can’t wait to take on all of our new adventures, roll up our sleeves and see what we’re really made of! Here’s the thing though….no one said moving into a real house that’s yours took so much adulting!

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Now we are moving out of a rental property and into our first house, so this is all very overwhelming because it isn’t simply finding a place we like signing a lease, paying first and lasts and orchestrating the move, No, No. This is a full-on certifiable change of address. We can’t wait to get into our new house but there are all of these extra moving pieces that we had never had to think of before and in the craziness of meetings with real estate agents, open houses, financial advisors, lawyers, packing, utility hookups, coordinating with friends and family, meal planning, blog writing, and our regular work shifts, life is crazy!

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In this crazy moving post, I thought I would write everything down that has happened as a reminder for myself what really goes into moving and as a self-help/checklist for those who are about to go into a move, if it’s your first or your hundredth move.

Things you think people will tell you, but they won’t. As first-time homebuyers, we have been given a lot of advice and we have worked with a great team to get us off on the right foot. However, as everyone I’m sure knows, there is usually a crack you can fall through along the way. If its a breakdown in communication, a simple error or you just happen to send your information in on the day pigs decide to fly. It doesn’t really matter. I wish I could offer myself and anyone who reads this a long list of how picking the right team will lead to uninterrupted smooth sailing but this is a reminder for myself and I have to be honest with you and me.

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At one point or another, a member of your team or you will forward or come across a checklist on what to do before your move in/move out date. By before the date, they usually mean about 2 weeks ahead of time, heads up number 1. We had our lists sent to us, most likely as a courteous to new home buys, and to make sure we’re not calling every day for months asking if everything is ok. However, the amazing one (Kevin) noticed that the date when we were supposed to be contacted had come and gone and we still didn’t hear anything….then we started to worry. After we reached out to them they were very casual in setting up an immediate meeting to get everything sorted out.


Which leads me to heads-up number 2….no one will take the move as seriously as you will. To most of the professionals that you will work with over this process this isn’t a new beginning, a grand adventure, its a day at the office. Through no fault of their own but it’s the truth. When you look for and settle on a house, most people don’t walk in with a checklist of, four walls, check, roof, check, well that’s all I wanted in my maybe forever home. If you can do that amazing! But most people are looking for a reason for those four walls. For us it had to be able to handle our crazy projects, love of life and our intention of raising hundreds or thousands (if you count the bees) animals, not to mention growing plants and a family and our indoor pets. For anyone else out there that also wants to live the country or homesteading lifestyle, just buying 4 walls and roof won’t cut it. So when you’re going through the process before after and during the purchase of your home, never be afraid to say you need time to make a choice or that you need more information. This is why I was so glad to have the amazing on our side for this purchase. He is a knowledge seeker and devils advocate all wrapped up into one. I would encourage you to have someone with you that will be your amazing one, it may not be a spouse, it could be a friend or relative. Just make sure its the right person, because you don’t want to have someone whos good at arguing, or pointing out the negative talk you right off greener pasture.

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One of the last and most important things you should always remember that we never seem to do is one very simple fact; you can never have too many boxes!! I use to work retail and I am so happy that they believe in recycling instead of just throwing things away. Every time we move I go in and ask them to save boxes for us and the awesome people that they are they do <3. Every time they as us “do you think you’ll need more” and every time we swiftly answer “Nah, I think we’re good”, but is that ever the truth?? Of course not! How we manage to cram so many things into our house astounds me! Something else that always gets me when you move is how many things you find and can’t help but exclaim, I was looking for that! How much do you want to bet I’ll put it in a safe place in the new house and never be able to find it again!

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As long as you remember to be your own advocate when moving then I believe in you and in us, that these moves will go off as smooth as possible. Remember your deadlines, I think the first thing I will want to make at the new house is a gigantic wall calendar to make sure I don’t forget anything after the move, setting up the house, organizing the wedding and so on it will go. Through the light colds you can hear in our voices, bags under our eyes, and sore bodies, we honestly and truly could not be happier to start out on this journey and even better that we will get to share it with our growing community.


Next time I write to you will be after the move so here we go! Less than 24hrs!!!


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