Our First Property Walk


After finally getting a break from the crazy life the amazing one and I got to bring our puppy home from the parent’s place and the next morning take him out for a long walk where we tried to find our property stakes.


We are so amazed at the amount of fresh wildlife activity!


The first animal we saw oddly enough was one that Dash, our puppy really appreciated. The neighbour’s hound dog came over to see what we were up to! She is the sweetest thing and she turned out to be a great walking dog and spent the full 45mins with us!


The evidence of animals on the property was really something! And having a little bit of snow on the ground was really cool as we got to follow game trails and it made it much easier to get through the thorny dogwood trees we have growing at the moment. Ouch!! We saw hare and rabbit tracks, and a ton of deer! The droppings were everywhere! Not just in one spot there was groupings of deer poop all over the paths that we took!

deer poop

Roe deer poo is relatively small and usually shiny and brown. Deer ruminate so their droppings don’t normally have any obvious contents as their food is finely digested.

The droppings are oval-shaped, with one end pointed and the other end indented or flat. They are usually in clusters and can be found along paths, or in fields and woodlands.


Here is something I couldn’t believe and that I hope my mom doesn’t see, we saw a garter snake! It is Mid December in Canada, and there is a snake outside. Mind you he did not look happy at all and when we walked around him he had the laziest strike ever most likely because he was so cold. Silly Snake.


I can’t wait to see what else is out there and I hope the amazing one gets to see a wild moose for the first time!

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