Walking Adventures on the Homestead

About a week ago now we took our first official walk on our new land. The amazing one and Dash our 1-year-old Shiba Inu and I took to the trails (wow that’s a lot of T’s). It was a much warmer day than today and we say some strange things…Like a snake out in the middle of a Canadian winter, silly snake. On this walk, we were much better equipped to figure a few more things out about our new property.


One of the first things that were different is that we had our wonderful friends up to see us from London On. so we had a larger crew to help us figure out where we were and it doesn’t hurt that they are both into plants and gardening and both have their areas of expertise so we also learned a lot about the veggitation on the property that I am happy to share with you in this post!


Our adventure was much colder than the first walk around which was a great thing because of the recent melts we have had in the area we are seeing what kind of volume of water and the conditions of the ground in the early spring and it is wet!! I am certainly going to have to start looking into potential drainage solutions, which I am hoping one of them will leave us with a future pond of sorts. I would love to have frogs and more wildlife on the property as well as in the future maybe offering it as a swimming hole for ducks.

body of water surrounded by trees
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

We have a very nice carved pathway on our property at the moment which leads you to the first property peg. This trail seems to be used by everyone in the close neighbourhood as an ATV trail that just connects the neighbouring properties so no through traffic on the trail which is great. It was quite slippery on the way there and Dash seemed determined to figure out every smell in the area and ground, but I guess that’s what happens when you move a city dog to the country. On our way to the first peg, we found a maple tree that is in great condition that is one of the larger trees in the area. I am hoping to be able to set up a tap on the mature maples on the property in the spring so that we may be able to make our own maple syrup, how Canadian would it be if the first thing we make on the property is maple syrup but I think well have lots on the go by that time.


After we left the first peg we continued on a less travelled path that seems to have been sculpted by nature or more the little critters that like our property as much as we do. It is a great time of year to be out on the property because you can see so much more activity in the snow. As we walked down our game trail we noticed first the crazy amount of rabbit tracks! I think about every 10-15 feet there was a new set of tracks either coming or going from the back of the property to towards the house and the amazing one may have even startled one a little later in our walk.

We also came across what we think was a set of wolf tracks, we are still trying to build our identification skills but they were larger canine prints than any of the tracks we had seen previously. I think this thought was pretty much confirmed for us when the amazing one was taking Dash out for a bathroom break and off in the distance heard a howl and then the coyotes go crazy! We think they were warning each other that a wolf was in the area and they were for sure not happy about it. Personally, I would prefer to have one wolf to worry about versus a larger grouping of coyotes. As we continued down the trail we also saw tracks from turkey, grouse, squirrel, the neighbour’s dog, and a surprising lack of deer tracks. Compared to our first walk we had deer poop fertilizing the field pretty well and this time no tracks. But with us potentially having a wolf in the area that doesn’t really surprise me.

close up of snowflakes on snow against sky
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I think I mentioned this in my previous post about our first walkabout all of the thorny dogwood we have on the property but it really is everywhere! I think that will be one of the first plants that we will have to get under control on the property. By this point we had found the second property marking peg and we took a moment to take in the surrounding veggitation. This is the area that we are really excited about. Which is why I mentioned the dogwood first, this is the harders peg to get to on the property and man! Can it hurt!


As we took in the plants around us our plant smart friends had a quick look at what was around us, and it looks like we have a natural fruit forest section going on! Our friends think that it may have been cultivated a long time ago but were eventually left in the secluded condition we found it in. The plants we found our selves surrounded by were raspberry bushes, apple trees and who knows what else that lays under the blanket of ice and snow.

close up of fruits hanging on tree
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Here is where I should make a confession. If you follow us on instagram or facebook we posted that our avocado trees and our apple trees that we grew from seed were all doing great. Our avocados are amazing even though I almost killed Brazil one after taking it into the cold and shocking it almost to the point of no return. I can’t tell you how awful it made me feel when something you have worked so hard to grow is just shrivelling in front of your eyes after a full 2 exhausting days of moving. I feel bad for the amazing one because I’m sure I was not in a great mood. But that’s a different story. Both avocados made it to the house and have started to grow again but I am so so so sad to say that the apple trees did not make it to the property.


In hind site, I feel like it was a sign from the property telling me that I wasn’t going to need to seeds I sprouted because as our discovery today showed us, there are already apples here on the property. As sad as I am that we lost them I am happy that we are no further from homestead grown apples then we were in the beginning. The raspberries as an awesome addition as well! We will have to keep a close eye on how these fruits grow and what type of fruit they will bring us but no matter what it is I can’t want to try to turn it into something yummy! Or maybe just sit there and have a well-earned snack.


group of people sitting on ground while cooking egg
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com



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