Meet The Neighbours

How much fun is it to make new friends?? This is kind of a continuation of our True North Community post but I am so excited about this and it just happened that I can’t wait to share with you guys!

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Last night while we were cooking up a beautiful pork tenderloin on the charcoal BBQ, when Kevin saw something coming down the road and heard the sound of the crunching snow underfoot coming down the driveway, mind you, it is that time of day when its too early for the moon and to late for the sun, aka, pitch black out. We’re still adjusting to the sites and sounds of the country and that includes unknown objects emerging from the dark. Kevin wipes around to find our next door neighbour come to welcome us to the neighbourhood!


Our neighbours have been here for about 1 and a half years, and they have been busy the whole time! They are older than us by about 10-15 years and have 3 kids that are homeschooled the youngest being 1 year old. I can’t imagine moving into a new home while expecting and still getting everything done that they have. Park of the fruits of their labours was given to us as a gift as a welcome present. A dozen eggs from their current flock. I would love to see the variety of chickens they have on their property, he referred to it as a barnyard mix and the eggs look stunning. We got some easter eggs, blue-green, and an almost deep red, and a mix of large to medium white and brown eggs. Simply stunning.

close up photo of eggs on egg carton
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This may seem like a very simple gift but it was actually so generous if you take into account that egg production goes way down or even stops completely in the winter months because the flock needs that energy to keep warm instead of producing eggs. In a natural setting or free-range, they may not get all the nutrients required when there is a heavy blanket of ice and snow between them and their regular summer feast.


Mind you it was awesome to get to meet the neighbours in general, at our last few houses we have only really gotten to know one or two neighbours in a large apartment complex. Most of those interactions were because the kids would run around like crazy and want to hang out with the coolest person on the block which of course is Kevin. So when we moved out to the country with a fraction of the neighbours we used to have we were worried about not getting the chance to meet them until we had a large family gathering that we would have to apologize for the noise over.

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Another thing that makes me so happy and excited about meeting these neighbours is that they have been growing chickens and pigs and geese on their property. These are all things I would love to do but have no experience on how to, and our neighbours mentioned because we are not in a great growing area that they would love some help on their gardens. Can you just feel the excitement building???? We’re going to be able to teach and learn from each other!! YAY!! Right there is the exchange I can’t wait for!


For now, the only thing I think well be passing along is a return gift as a thank you for the eggs. If anyone has any suggestions I would be more than happy to hear them! Our neighbour did mention that he has 2 daughters so as a unique gift I think I will unbury my bath and body making supplies and put together something that their girls and the whole family can enjoy.

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