Uber Burgers

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls! Come one come all as we revolutionize the way you will make burgers forever!


This may be a bit of an exaggeration but this is how I felt when I first had this recipe Kevin came up with. In all fairness, I don’t think I have had my regular old plain jane burger since. I have experienced the world of flavour and I hope you will join the club of Uber Burger Lovers!

finale burger

Kevin likes to experiment with his food, he will make up a wonderful dish with his vast culinary skills and then if it becomes a requested dish he will continue to change little things about the recipe until he has either exhausted his ingredients or we don’t make it anymore. He tried to do this to my lasagna one time…just once…there are some comfort foods you don’t mess with, but that will be a post for another day.


So what is an Uber Burger you may be wondering? It is a beef patty topped with a large ring of onion that is stuffed with caramelized onion, sauteed mushrooms, and bacon comfortably resting under a blanket of melted cheese. I really shouldn’t be writing this before a meal…

fire hot glowing barbecue
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com


Every good burger starts with well the burger part, and if you don’t have your own beef cattle or are new to cooking this can be a bit of a challenge to pick the right type of burger patty. Our suggestion for this mountain of flavour, if you haven’t raised your own beef or don’t have access to your local butcher shop, is to pick up prime rib burger patties or Angus beef patties from the grocery store (butcher counter or frozen is fine).


This is the time when you would fire up that grill. For us, we currently have a Weber kettle charcoal bbq, when your using charcoal it can take some time to heat up, especially when you’re trying to start it in -20 degrees Celcius. Its funny though, our BBQ season is mainly in the winter time, I think this is because Kevin does all the BBQing (I’m so spoiled), and he doesn’t like to be hot, so standing outside with the grill and a freezing rain warning is our BBQ season.


After your BBQ is set up and starting to heat up, this is when you want to start to chop and cook your bacon, mushrooms, and onions. Chopping the onions is the only part with any important special instructions. In order to keep that gooey goodness on the top of the burger and not in your lap is to surround it with 1 full ring of the onion. We usually like to make the first slice into the large onion were going to use for our burger toppings by cutting out the equator or the largest part of the onion. This leaves us with a big onion ring to fill with the toppings.

Cheese and Bacon

Once you have set aside the onion rings you can start to mince your mushrooms and the rest of your onions. We are big fans of mushrooms and onions in this house so we use 2 large white onions, and 8-10 medium to large sized mushrooms. When it comes to the bacon you only want to cook it halfway to start as it will be cooked more later on with the mushrooms and onions. Once your bacon is half done set it aside and place your minced mushrooms and onions in the frying pan or skillet ( we use our skillet for almost everything!). Fry your mushroom and onions on simmer to low heat, with butter and seasonings. For this recipe, we used garlic powder and seasoning salt, but this is one of the areas that Kevin likes to change it up every once and a while so if you decide that uber burgers are right for you, feel free to have some fun with the seasoning after you’ve got the basics down. This part is the slow and steady part of the recipe you want all the flavours to melt together. After you have reached a point when you would normally take the mushrooms and onion mix off, this is when you add the bacon and let it simmer some more. Sometimes this mix can come out to be more like a paste but it is sooo good!!

mushroom mix

While your mushrooms and onions are simmering is usually when we throw the burgers on the grill and cook to perfection, or rather how we like them done. Once your burgers are done and your mushroom mix is drawing you in with its smells, its time to cut the cheese of your choosing and start assembly on the grill. For this, we mostly use the cheese we have on hand, Marble, Montera Jack. Cheddar or your personal favourite. My personal favourite cheese topping on anything is the Jalapeno Montera Jack cheese…really shouldn’t be writing this before a meal.


Now we come to the “some assembly required” portion of our recipe. Be careful with this because some of your pots and pans you may need will be hot. Bring your mushroom, onion, and bacon mix, your whole onion rings, and the sliced cheese to the grill. Place your onion ring on top of your cooked to perfection burgers and full the inside of the ring with the mushroom, onion and bacon mix. Next, tuck your ingredients in under a blanket of your favourite cheese, and close the BBQ for about 3-5 mins or until your cheese is melted.


After your cheese has melted slide those puppies onto a serving tray or plate to rest for 5 mins, this is usually when we toast our buns. Kevin likes his buns toasted, my personal preference is to have slightly warm bread so you still get the soft bun to help soak up some of that flavour.

top view uber burgers

Now its time to add your toppings, but remember this isn’t your average burger, on a regular old burger I would add lettuce, pickles, mustard, ketchup and mayo, but for these puppies, I only add pickles and mayo.


This is the moment you have all been waiting for! Dig in and let us know if this recipe has changed burgers for your forever!!



4 burger patties                                                     

2 large onions

8-10 medium to large mushrooms

½ pound bacon

Seasoning salt to taste
Garlic powder to taste

4 slices of cheese per burger

Toppings of your choice




  • Start BBQ, after heated place burgers on and cook to preference

  • Fry up bacon half way then set aside for later

  • Slice large onion down equator and set the largest onion rings aside for later (number of rings should match the number of burgers)

  • Mince mushrooms and onions that will not be used as the large onion rings

  • Place minced mushrooms and onions in the skillet with butter, garlic powder and seasoning salt to simmer for about 15mins

  • Add bacon to simmering mushrooms, and onions and let simmer for another 10 mins or until the mix looks caramelized and well reduced (see photo).

  • After burgers and mix are finished, assemble burgers on the grill by placing large onion ring centred on top of each burger, fill center with mushroom, onion and bacon mix, place cheese slices over top of the burger.

  • Remove burgers from BBQ after cheese has melted and placed on a serving tray to rest while toasting buns and preparing toppings.

    close photography of grilled meat on griddle
    Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

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