Know When To Grow: Growing Seasons By Province and Territories

Why is it important to understand your growing zone?

A growing season is the amount of time between the last and first frost on average in your area. These growing seasons may be very short so you will need to do most of your growing in shelters, or they may be very long so you don’t have to worry about setting up temporary homes for your growing plants to make sure you get the fruits of your labour on time.

Somethings to consider when planting your garden include your growing season so you can plan out your time better so that having fresh veggies doesn’t interrupt your regular commitments to work, family or friends. As well these are general guidelines, frosts linger in the spring and come early in the fall. If you live in an area that has a record of flooding, fires, random intermittent weather ( Canadian east coast cough, cough) these are all things you will have to account for as well that are not included in the growing season parameters.

Canadian Growing Seasons by Province


Growing season length 21- 100 days

Usually ends on October 31st

Prince Edward Island

Growing Season length 100-120 days

Usually ends November 5th


Growing Season length 61 – 120 days

Usually ends October 10th

Nova Scotia

Growing Season length 81 – 160 days

Usually between May 6th and October 20th

New Brunswick

Growing Season length 100-120 days

Usually ends November 5th



Growing Season length 21 – 100 days

Usually ends November 5th


Growing Season length 100-160 days

Usually starts on May 13 and Ends September 29th



Growing Season length 61 – 90


Growing Season length 100-180 days

Usually Starts May 6th and Ends October 31st



Growing Season length 61-120 days


Growing Season length 100-140 days

This is a great area to be in for growing, most of the countries commercial farms are in the prairie stretch which also means there is a lot of research that has been done on when you should plant. You can get very specific information in these areas.



Growing Season length 61-120 days


Growing Season length 100-140 days

Also part of the prairie stretch that has a lot of research into planting, a quick search on your specific location should have a great deal of information for you and more specific dates.



Growing Season length 61-100 days provided you are not in the mountains


Growing Season length 100-185 days

Again, part of the prairie straight lots of great information out there on more specific locations with a simple search.

British Columbia

North (mountains)

Growing Season length 0-60 days

South (Valley)

Growing Season length 61-160 days

Flooding and fire areas will greatly affect your yields keep an eye on the local reports!


Moose in horsetail

Growing Season length 0-100 days

Temperatures fluctuate a lot in these areas this would be a great example of where indoor growing would be best with temperatures as high as 30 degrees and as low as -50 degrees Celcius

North West Territories

Growing Season length 21-120 days

A note for these areas that you have to take into consideration is that the growing season may be short in some places but the days are long, offering more sunlight in a shorter amount of time.


Growing Season length 0-61 days

Nunavut also has a large amount of sunlight in a short amount of time, but due to the northern stretch and remote areas growing isn’t always an option.

If its where you live now or you’re looking for help on somewhere your thinking of moving, knowing what your options are when it comes to self-sufficiency is a major factor in success.

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