5 Ways to Stop Water Bowls Freezing

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It is cold out this time of year, too cold where we are! But we have all made the choice to keep life stock which means no matter the temperature outside or what’s happening in the rest of the world these animals in our care still need to eat, drink, be clean and happy. So on goes the crazy large snowsuit and off you go.

These animals water doesn’t get a snowsuit though so how do we keep the animal water from freezing? Here are 5 ways to try to keep your water from becoming ice.

Large Black Rubber Tub

Metal water containers are out ladies and gents! This time of year metal can help to freeze your water because they have no insulation and are not the best at storing heat. A large black water tub is a better option. For added insulation here, place the bowl inside an old tire and add straw, bedding, or other insulating material like old rags to the inside of the tire and place it in a sunny spot or inside of a mini greenhouse that your chickens can easily access.

Heated water bowls

I’m sorry I have to say it. Heated water bowls are the most common way of trying to keep jack frost out of your water bowls. Some of the best water bowls available include; Premier Heated Poultry Nipple Waterer, Farm Innovators HB-60P Heated 2-gallon PoultryDrinker, and

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Poultry Waterer. My personal recommendation for this is the K&H pet bowl, they go on sale regularly on Amazon and items that are meant for house pets are usually built a little sturdier than products made for chickens.

Light Bulb In a Block

This idea was posted a while ago by backyard chickens when they built an updated home for their special egg suppliers. The Idea is that you put a heat source, the light bulb inside a strong sturdy box that will retain heat. The box will act as a heating pad for your water bowl to sit on. This would be great too if your coop sits on the ground you can dig a hole and place the box in it to add extra insulation.

Justin Rhodes Ever Flow System

If you have a slop on your property or access to running water use it to your advantage! Justin Rhodes mimics nature with his system to keep his water from freezing, he keeps it moving. This is a great option to keep your waters from freezing for all your animals. Not only does the water not freeze but it is also always clean.

Watch how he does it here,


These playful little guys love to spend time in the water so use that to your advantage! Give them a deeper bowl that all the animals can access and just let the ducks be ducks! For this method, I would suggest dumping the water as the animals go into the coop at night, that way it is fresh in the morning and doesn’t freeze while everyone is sleeping.

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  1. We definitely love our heated water bowl – it just keeps it slightly above freezing and with a long extension cord we’re good to go. Our ducks are up before us and often are mucking around their run in the moonlight so they always have water 100% of the time. Their water comes a hose attached to our rain cistern which sometimes freezes solid so we just change their water in the afternoon if that’s the case. Our big thing is to make sure there are multiple buckets around so if they mess up the heated bucket in a hurry they can always drink out of their kiddie pool.

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  2. Great information! Never would have thought of the brick idea. They are easy to get and most people probably already have them. Such a good idea.

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