About Us

Who are these crazy people!


Hi there! My name is Gillian, and I am so happy you have come to check out our humble little homesteading blog. My soon to be husband Kevin (who youll hear me mention quite a bit I’m sure) and I just moved into our new home on 13 acres of pure true north potential. We are very excited to start and continue to improve our skills in gardening, livestock care, meat processing, beekeeping, homebrewing and so many other areas that we have yet to discover!

Where is this true north you may be wondering? We are in Central Eastern Ontario, Canada. Our closest major city is sometimes referred to as the coldest capital in the world, which will present its own set of challenges during our time here at True North.


Why would we love it if you joined us on our journey!

We hope we can all learn together! Kevin and I love to learn new skills but learning isn’t enough for us, we have to try it. Sometimes it will work out great like our avocado story, and sometimes it will be a complete disaster like my attempt at a cheap batch of wine. Through each new experience no matter what the outcome we hope that you will learn from our trials and be able to make your dreams of growing, brewing, or just trying something different a positive experience where you know that you’re not alone.

We hope that you will laugh, learn, create and hope along with us on our crazy lifestyle choice and we look forward to getting to know our growing community!!

group of people sitting on ground while cooking egg
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

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